Upcoming Speaking Events

Thursday, February 21

5:30 – 7:30 PM


WeWork Custom House

220 NW 8th Ave.

Portland, OR 97209

Job Application Secrets: The 9-Point Marketing & Sales Formula for Getting Hired and Building a Career

Learn the secret 9-point formula on how to market & sell yourself during the hiring process (even if you’re not a natural Marketer or Salesperson)

A hiring manager at any given tech company in Portland receives hundreds of applications for an open position in Sales, Marketing, Operations, or Administration. More than half of the received applications are discarded immediately, or soon after, due to simple (and preventable!) mistakes that applicants routinely make. During this presentation we’ll cover the 9 most common mistakes applicants make on their cover letters, resumes, email responses, phone screens, and in-person interviews that disqualify them from the applicant pool. A successful job application means successfully marketing and selling yourself to the company—and in this presentation marketer Carly J. Cais shows you how to jump through each job application hoop successfully. Getting a job is ultimately 10% luck and 90% meeting the company’s criteria, but coming to this presentation will help you ace that 90%. You can get in the room with the decision-makers…and ultimately get HIRED.

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